Remember why you came here....

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Brothers and Sisters....why did we come here? Is there an individual or an collective life purpose? I say both.

We are all here for our individual reasons, learning growing, letting go of karma, releasing, detachment, contracts......

Than there is this wonderful huge purpose we all share, self realization.

You are divine, Your whole body is divine, everything is divine.

We are here to realize this. To stop "believing"(in the word believe there is still doubt)-

to fully realize your Divine essence and power.

This is why we are here, ones you realize, all old karma is gone, all contracts will disappear.

If i could show you just for 1 minute how much love there is for you in the universe. How you are always loved. This huge illusion of suffering most of us trying to hold on so tied is hurting my heart.

You are the power of this cosmos. Realize and integrate.

There are so many ways for self realization. One common thread- stop the story's of your mind. Be in silence. Be intimate with yourself and others. Stop distractions...books,tv, over talking, thinking....and STOP just stop. Drop your masks. Feel your nothingness.

Meditate....Center your consciousness wherever you want....

Since i understood my dharma, Im so free, don´t get distracted.

Im going to do everything to fulfill my dharma and that is exactly what Im doing now.

Im here to serve you, to tell you how much you are loved and divine always, to shower the world with love.

Love is god and god is love

Im god and god is me

You are god and god is you

Dont think "oh this little part of me in my heart maybe is divine...".No,all of you

Every thought,every step ,every breath of yours is divine.

Everything we every created is divine, even plastic.

Divine does not mean good or bad. It just is. It is nothing and everything.

Im here to help you realize your magic powers and self.

I love you and i have always loved you and i will love you forever

We are one!

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