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We are divine presence. We are all divine, absolutely perfect and completely whole as we are. The only thing that’s holding us back is ourselves, loosing the connection within....time in silence and peace is there waiting for you. Enlightenment is nothing more than total relaxation. The whole world lies inside of you, and you lie within the whole world. Basically you have to do nothing and you will find all the beauty of the cosmos. 

There is an abundance of tools for reaching the goal of realization. 


My classes, whether teacher training programs or retreats they are all based on accessing your true self, remembering who you are, self love and healing. Yoga and art therapy are wonderful ways to find your own power to create and express.  Everything is possible. We are here, NOW, in this powerful time to finally realize our self and to start creating the life we want. 


My teachings are a mix of traditional hatha and tantra yoga, modern techniques, ancient knowledge from around the world and realizations that came in the silence beyond the mind. 


I’ve walked this path of light since my early twenties, I’ve dedicated my whole life to self realization and creating. Every piece of art created through me is a Portal of Light. I would love to share with you, practice with you and dance with you. 


Cosmic Healing

A one till two hour session of cosmic healing,breathwork and medidations

Only one person

Hatha Tantra

In this 90 Minutes class we will use the old&new techniques to connect with our source

up to 5 people 

Art Therapy

In this class we will dance, create and dive deep into joy and expansion

up to 3 people

The infinite forms of the Divine mother

Mesmerizing" Amy 36 England

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